John Garner, Attorney, Fowler Rodriguez

“I highly recommend Mike Constandy and his company as an archivist in any manner requiring research at the National Archives and related research facilities. Mike and his company performed extensive research for one of our clients involved in litigation related to salvage rights and ownership by sovereigns that required pin-point details on voyages, cargoes, insurance, personnel, manifests, and incident reports related to several gold and platinum shipments from Allies to the US during World War II. Not available from the usual sources, his research at NARA and throughout the Washington archives was a tremendous success in tracing ownership rights of various sovereign nations. With very reasonable rates, he allowed us to provide up to the minute client reports and detailed evaluations of considerable data to our client under the time constraints created by potential litigation and during contract negotiations. Our firm would highly recommend Mike and his company as an archivist for future projects related to historical data collection and research regardless of the scope and nature of the request. Personable and easy to work with, we also thank Mike and his firm for a job very well done!”

Anne Lewis, Attorney

“Michael and Westmoreland Research have become a growing asset to my litigation practice in locating naval records and military personnel files. He and his company are reliable, professional and reasonably priced. I would not hesitate to recommend them.”

Chris Webb, Historical Researcher and Holocaust Expert, UK Director H.E.A.R.T.

“Michael has undertaken some research work for me at NARA Washington and has produced excellent results for my latest book. I cannot recommend him highly enough—he really does go that extra mile. He has expert knowledge and has very reasonable costs.”

Eric Wiberg, Attorney, Author, and Maritime Captain

“Mike's team were very patient with me as I ‘shopped around’ for several months. Where others failed, they succeeded with stellar results. I am writing a book on U-Boat attacks on ships in the Bahamas in WWII and Mike's folks found detail down to a "one-legged American rowed out to meet survivors and guide them through the reefs" - Wonderful! I will continue to use them indefinitely. After 2.5 years of effort Mike's team scored on their first try. I give them 10 of 10.”

Vladimir, Volgograd (formerly Stalingrad), Russia

“Mike, you're the best! Incredibly good research.

“I just started studying your aerial photography and . . . found a Church that was destroyed in the retreat of German troops. Unfortunately, for some reason, the exact location of this Church was unknown. In 2017, a foundation stone was installed at the supposed location of this Church and soon the diocese is going to build a new Church . . . but this place is 1.5 kilometers from the real location of the destroyed Church! I've already written a letter to the local diocese. It's incredible. Thanks again!”

Banner image, top: SSG Alvin J. Rouly teaches a Vietnamese civilian Irregular Defense Group (CIDG) trainee how to use a M79 grenade launcher.